Justin Love

Justin Love, a native of New York City, has been a painter for 27 years and  resides in the "colony of the arts" Woodstock, NY, Negril, Jamaica, Vietnam, and Thailand.

An accomplished and recorded musician, singer and composer, painting captured Justin's vivid imagination. He has found himself with a strong successful career as a visual artist with his paintings having an ethereal musical quality.

When asked to describe his approach to painting, Love replies "It's as if I am riding a bicycle down a hill, as fast as I am able, with the wind blowing through my hair, feeling ecstatically alive. Colors are streaming all around, and the collective consciousness of art is guiding my hand...I try not to get in the way."

A visit to Justin Love's Woodstock studio, a beautiful one hundred & fifteen year old country church, camouflaged as a tree, renovated and called Loveland, is a trip into the playful mind of an artist who grew up in modern Pop culture. One is transported into a surreal kaleidoscope of mythical creatures, electrified mysteries, impossible hues and poetic passion all spinning with musical abandon. A simple sign "Miracles" invites one in. Love says "That's the kinda place where I live.’’

In his ouvre of 27 years, Justin Love's best collected works are his brilliant, colorful pastel paintings. Collectors all over the world have responded very enthusiastically to the magical mood Love communicates in his paintings.   

Having sold more than 2500 works of art, Justin has recently become absorbed in the creation of his new electric light paintings. These paintings light the room rather than one having to light the painting. This effect is very 21st century and this being the 21st century... their time has come.

In 2004, Love visited and fell in love with the Pacific coast of Costa Rica .He opened a screened room painting studio on the beach and returned there many winters to paint with a passion in this tropical paradise. His large scale canvases reflect the excitement the heat , sea ,and exotic environment produce in him.

He has since moved on to his painting studio in Negril ,Jamaica and most recently begun setting up studios in Thailand and Vietnam.

Justin Love's music and painting continue to go hand in hand. He has recently recorded a new album with the great diva, Lil Shelly in Negril, Jamaica.